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Our Products

Happy cows make great tasting milk. 100% of our milk comes from our animals and bottled fresh daily.
Our milk is delivered to our retail partners within a couple hours of our farm location in Contoocook, NH.

Chocolate and coffee milk


Got Milk? Most Definitely.

All of our dairy products come from milk produced by our cows right here at Bohanan Farm.

Specifically, the types of white milk we offer include whole, low-fat and half-and-half. Whole and low-fat are available as half gallons and quarts, and are offered in either glass or plastic bottles. Half-and-half is also available in half-gallon and quart sizes and comes in plastic bottles. 

Our flavored assortment of milk (available year-round) include chocolate, coffee, strawberry and blueberry. We produce maple milk in the spring and eggnog during the holiday season. Flavors are available in pints and quarts (chocolate is also in half gallons).

Products: milk
Glass milk bottles on gingham table cloth
Packaged beef displayed on hay


The Highest Quality Cuts

Our beef is raised on our farm and processed locally in a USDA-inspected facility. Cuts are available in our farm store as well as at local stores and stands. 

We offer ground beef, beef patties, stew meat, roasts and several different cuts of steak. Both retail and wholesale offerings are available.

Products Beef
packaged Flank Steak
picking jalepeno peppers


Healthy, Delicious, Locally-Grown

The freshest, most nutritious vegetables are the ones that come straight from your backyard. When you source your produce with Bohanan Farm, that’s exactly what you’re getting—healthy, delicious, locally-grown food. 

Bram is taking charge of this new venture by growing tomatoes, corn, beans, squash, cucumbers and more, all of which can be found in the farm store. We are thrilled to begin providing our community with quality produce alongside our dairy and beef offerings.

Products Vegetables
cherry tomatoes on the vine
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